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Drama Queen Laundry Detergent

Drama Queen Laundry Detergent

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Our detergent is just the thing to spice up your laundry routine. With notes of amber and floral, this detergent will give you a luxurious scent without the luxury price tag. 

Top | clean - green - jasmine - lily
Middle | lavender - earthy
Bottom | musk - chocolate

YIELDS: 32 Loads - 2 Tablespoons per average size load (yes, we promise, only TWO tablespoons)

Just need a Scent Boost? Add 1 Tablespoon - YEILDS: 64 Loads

-This is an actual detergent, not just an additive!

-Safe for HE Machines (fun fact: this detergent doesn't sud because it's made for the low water system of high efficiency machines)

-Top loaders: dump detergent in bottom of washer drum. Front loaders: put in powder dispenser if your washer allows. If not, add into drum.

-Scent is skin safe; however if irritation occurs, discontinue use