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Drama Queen Dryer Ball Set

Drama Queen Dryer Ball Set

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Toss those dryer sheets out and replace them with a more eco-friendly option - our wool dryer ball set! Wool dryer balls eliminate static, wrinkles and lint all while decreasing drying time by up to 25%! Grab this set pre-scented with our scent: Drama Queen 

Top | clean - green - jasmine - lily
Middle | lavender - earthy
Bottom | musk - chocolate

Pro Tip: For optimal long-lasting fragrance, pair with the same fragrance in our Laundry Detergent!

How to use: toss 1-2 balls in the dryer with each load and re-use for 6+ months. 

Dryer Balls lost their scent? Grab our dryer ball refill spray! 

*Comes in a set of two*